Each week we present biblically based sermons that challenge us to grow and live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We are happy to share them with you!

Message three of our Stewardship Month sermon series – Loving Generously challenged us to show God’s love to those who are different from us. Text: Proverbs 19:17
The second message in our Loving Generously sermon series asks the question – What do you own and what owns you? Text: Matthew 19:16-22
God wants us to move from transactional generosity to relational generosity – to where we give of our resources to where we give of ourselves. Luke 14:1-14

Call to Remember

October 1, 2017
Rev. Risher delivered a powerful message for the community World Communion Service.

Women’s Day Message

September 24, 2017
Minister Williams shared a powerful message with us for our annual Women’s Association Sunday.
Pastor Jane encourages us to Fix Our Concentration Unswervingly and Single-mindedly on Christ – FOCUS. Text: Hebrews 12:1-3

The Mystery of Grace

September 10, 2017
Jesus is not only above and beyond whatever storm may arrive in our lives, but he is with us in our storms with all power and authority to rebuke the…
What is the kingdom of God worth to you in light of the fact that God gave us his best? He sacrificed his all on the cross for us. Shouldn’t…

What’s Your Motive

August 28, 2017
Our lectionary passage from Luke chapter 14:1, 7-14 asks us to check our motives? What drives your decisions and actions in life? Is it exaltation or glorification?

Abiding in the Vine

August 27, 2017
Jesus uses the analogy of the grapevine and gardener to illustrate both the intimacy and the fruitfulness that results from a close relationship with Jesus. Text : John 15:4-8