Each week we present biblically based sermons that challenge us to grow and live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We are happy to share them with you!

Christ rose from the dead so that you and I could l have freedom from sin and life a life that is pleasing to God. Text:1 Corinthians 15:1-8b, Colossians 1:9b-14, 19-17, 21-23
Text: John 12:20-26

Living in the Light

March 11, 2018
The light of God’s Word and His indwelling Spirit will keep us from tripping over the stumbling blocks of sin and also help us to light the way for others…

Let Your Life Speak

March 4, 2018
What does your day to day behavior say about you? When people see you, do they see the character of Christ? If you belong to Christ, let your life speak.…

Courage Under Fire

February 25, 2018
No matter what we face in life, no matter how hot the furnace or what kind of fire we find ourselves in, remember we are never alone. God is with…

When God Says Enough!

February 18, 2018
God is still calling His people to be advocates for those whose voices go unheard and to proclaim His Truth in a country that is increasingly seeking to silence their…

The Church Needs Lent

February 14, 2018
The Church needs Lent to remind us of who we are, what we are called to do, and how desperately this world needs the Savior. Text:Joel 2:1-2, 12-17
Elder Naomi shared the first message in our Black History Month sermon series on the Intersection Between Social Justice and the Scriptures. Text:Luke 10:25-37, Matthew 22:34-40

Finding Common Ground

January 28, 2018
The apostle Paul sought to find common ground with all those he shared the gospel with, adjusting his lifestyle and behavior in order to win people to Christ. Text: 1 Corinthians…
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