Each week we present biblically based sermons that challenge us to grow and live as faithful followers of Jesus Christ. We are happy to share them with you!

Living Fully For Christ

March 5, 2017
Elder Kelvin reminds us that the only way to fully live is to live for Christ. Text: Luke 9:21-26

Courage to Love

February 26, 2017
The Last in the Series “Black Presence in the Bible.” Do we have the courage to walk in love and speak up against what is not right? Text: Jeremiah 38:1-13, Jeremiah 39:15-18

The Undivided Church

February 19, 2017
When the church is single-minded in its focus and purpose, effective ministry will occur, the church will grow spiritually and numerically and people are commissioned to do the work of…
If we are ready, willing and waiting, God is more than willing to use us to share his good news with those who have yet to hear it. Acts 8:26-40

The God Who Sees

February 5, 2017
Our sermon series “Black Presence in the Bible” began with the story of Hagar and Ishmael. Text: Genesis 16:1-16, 21:8-21

The Upside Down Kingdom

January 29, 2017
Jesus gives eight attributes that characterize those who belong to his kingdom. Matthew 5:1-12

Go Fish!

January 22, 2017
How do we fish for souls? Like a fisherman puts a lure on his hook and casts it into the lake, we draw people to Christ by living the gospel…

Thy Kingdom Come

November 13, 2016
When we look to human powers and alliances to bring aboutGod’s rule and reign on this earth, we miss it. Isaiah 65:17-25, Luke 17:20-2

Being A Warrior For Christ

November 6, 2016
There are many battles being waged in the world today. What matters most is who you are fighting for. Text: Judges 7:1-21
Our last sermon in this series teaches us that when we sow seed and are fruitful we bring glory to God. Text: Galatians 6:6-10